Best Baby Monitor's that Track Breathing and Heart Rate - Prevent SIDS

Here are our three favorite baby monitors (that aren't exclusively camera's)

The most common interpretation for "baby monitor" is a camera. You can keep an eye on and even listen to your young one, what's not to love?

My problem with the camera-only monitors is if anything were to happen like my baby's heart rate dropping, temperature getting too high or low, or her breathing shallowed, a camera wouldn't alert me. 

So without further ado, here are my favorite device's that do.

Please note: Nothing on this list is meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. We may also receive a commission for any sales driven from this post. We thank you for your continued support!

 Best all around budget monitor:

Sense-U Baby Monitor

Budget Baby Sensor

  • Monitors breathing, rollover and ambient temperature
  • Sends notifications to your phone
  • Low level of false alarms

    • No rechargeable battery
    • Bluetooth range feels lower than the advertised 50ft

    How it works

    You clip the device to your baby's diaper or underwear, turn it on, and it begins monitoring activity and sending the information to your phone via the free Sens-U app. If your baby's temperature or breathing hits a dangerous level, or if your baby rolls over onto his/her stomach it alerts your phone.
    This is not a good option if you have twins, as we found that the app only allows one device to be connected at a time.

    Most simple yet effective monitor:

    Snuza Hero SE 

    Best baby breathing monitor

    • No battery draining phone app or bluetooth required
    • Will vibrate to alert your baby if they stop breathing
    • If baby still isn't breathing after it vibrates, it sounds an alarm
    • Extremely easy to use
        • It's large, especially for small newborns
        • Still not rechargeable, but the battery lasts a long time
        • Only monitors breathing
        • Hard to find a perfect position that won't set off false alarms

        How it works

        You also clip this device around their diaper or underwear, and it tracks their abdominal movement. If it doesn't detect movement for 15 seconds, the device vibrates. If it still doesn't detect movement 5 seconds after vibrating, it will make a loud, sharp alarm sound to alert you. The simplicity of this device adds to it's reliability, however many reviewers note that they had several false alarms. I personally have found a sweet spot where it does not false alarm, which is to the right of the belly button right over baby's tummy. 

        Best overall baby monitor:

        Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

        The best all around baby monitor

        • Tracks Oxygen Levels and Heart Rate   
        • Provides HD audio and video that can play in the background of your phone
        • Works between 6-25 pounds or 0-18 months, and you can always use the camera after
        • The camera will even tell you the room temperature.
        • High price, but baby's well-being is always worth the investment     

        How it works

        The Owlet sock can be connected via Wi-Fi for longer range, or Bluetooth which sends Heart Rate and Oxygen Level's to the Owlet phone app. The camera will also connect via Wi-Fi and from here you can watch and even interact with baby using two-way audio. 

        And that's it for our favorite monitors. These are the only three we felt we would recommend for long term use, though we'll update the list if we find another worthy contender.